It's Biscayne Bank's mission to meet the financial needs of local individuals and business located here in Miami-Dade. As part of our recognition of the vital role financial institutions play in making a difference within its communities, we continue to extend credit and participate in community development programs designed to meet the unique needs of all Miami's community members, including those located within low and moderate income areas.

We have vested interest in Miami. We live and work here in Miami and take great pride in our community. We actively seek to understand the credit needs of our community and will continue to ensure that our products and services are responsive to the needs of customers within our community.

Here are some activities and events taking place in our community that our Directors, Officers and staff are involved in.


Sara M. Hernandez, SVP Business Developer Team Leader

Sara M. Hernandez, SVP Business Developer Team Leader, is the current President of the CREW-Miami Association. CREW-Miami was created by women involved in various aspects of the commercial real estate industry. The organization’s focus is to provide opportunities that will advance women in this field. With over 265 members, the organization aims to promote business opportunities through educational and networking events such as luncheons, their annual fishing tournament and several other themed affairs throughout the year. As President, Sara’s main role is to lead the organization and its members in developing working relationships and tackle critical issues affecting the commercial real estate industry.  

Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD)

Sara M. Hernandez, SVP Business Developer Team Leader

Sara M. Hernandez, SVP Business Developer Team Leader, currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD) as Vice President. The goal of MCAD is to improve and develop an appreciation for architecture and design within the City of Miami and the greater area. MCAD is a space for community meetings, educational programs, exhibits, galleries, lectures, seminars, lab studios etc. MCAD is also the home to AIA Miami and the Downtown Miami Welcome Center. Sara’s role is to work alongside the CEO and the Board, in advancing the organization’s mission and continue to generate a comfortable atmosphere for everyone interested in architecture and design.  

Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF)

Edgar J. Nieto, VP Loan Officer

In October 2017 Edgar J. Nieto, VP Loan Officer, was elected to sit on the Loan Committee for the Miami Bayside Foundation. As a member of the Loan Committee, Edgar also assists in strategic planning efforts and attends events throughout the year. Some of the events include “Pitch Day” where minority business owners present their pitches to a panel and are asked questions and given feedback on how to improve in areas such as their brand, marketing techniques and individual presentation skills; and annual fundraising events. Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF) is a nonprofit organization designed to advance economic development in the City of Miami through the support of minority businesses and education. MBF seeks to do this through the creation and administration of loan programs for minority owned businesses, educational programs and scholarships for minorities and by providing technical assistance to small businesses in the City of Miami.

Toys For Kids Miami

August 6, 2017 Biscayne Bank was fortunate enough to sponsor Toys For Kids Miami (TFKM) during their annual Operation Back to School that took place in Doral. TFKM is a nonprofit organization that benefits over 3000 underprivileged kids within the community. By hosting different events throughout the year, TFKM’s goal is to make up for any disadvantages these children may confront due to the low economic areas in which their family lives in, in order to help them succeed and break the future cycle of poverty. Members of our Doral team, Julie Suarez VP Branch Manager, Barbara Toraya AVP/Relationship Manager, and Angela Daubar VP/Relationship Officer attended the event and handed out school supplies and other Biscayne Bank goodies. The event had over 500 kids and their families in attendance with lots of food, games and fun to be had by everyone.

Habitat for Humanity Team Build

On March 19, 2016, Biscayne Bank partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home in Perrine. Jackie Ross, AVP, and David Pujals, Branch Manager, Commodore, led 14 employees and supportive spouses to help Habitat move the construction forward. Beginning at 7:30 A.M. and working non-stop for the entire day, the team shingled the roof and prepared room dividers for sheet rock for Habitat’s new home occupants.  

Dade Heritage Trust

Robert E. Halley, VP, Doral Branch

The Dade Heritage Trust works to raise community awareness in preservation of our architectural, cultural and environmental heritage. Dade Heritage Trust is committed to advocating on behalf of Miami-Dade's historic properties and for sustainable community revitalization solutions on a local, state and national level. Efforts include active participation in preservation and planning issues, drafting of position statements, testifying before preservation boards and commissions and working with the media and community leaders. Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1972, Dade Heritage Trust works to enrich the quality of life for the entire community.

Red Sunset Merchants Association (RSMA)

Mari Colina, Branch Manager, South Miami Branch

Serves as Treasurer for the Red Sunset Merchants Association. Her responsibilities include: maintaining all bookkeeping records - bank accounts and reporting to the Board at monthly meetings. Mari assists the RSMA in gaining members and in coordinating activities. The RSMA typically hosts lunch events and invites speakers to address changes coming in the City of South Miami, So. Miami Police Dept., and Sales Workshops for community merchants.

Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation

Thomas Lumpkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Lumpkin has spent considerable time in 2013 and 2014 counseling Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation and its affiliates on structuring their low-income housing projects in Liberty City to qualify for Florida real property tax exemptions. Tacolcy Economic Development Corporation is a CDC founded in 1982 in Miami, Florida focusing on the rehabilitation and development of Liberty City.

Friends of Ring Theatre, University of Miami

Sheldon Palley, Director

For many years Mr.Palley has offered his expertise in financial matters to the Friends of Ring Theatre. He has served as Treasurer. Friends of Ring Theatre maintains several accounts with Biscayne Bank, which he oversees. He is responsible for collection, depositing and disposition of all monies, and the recording of such monies; this also includes the relationship with the bank and interaction and advise the organization and the financial institution. He is also responsible for the investment of monies and the management of the Endowment Fund and the Scholarship Fund of the organization; which includes purchase and sales of securities.

South Florida Alliance for Contemporary Glass

Sheldon Palley, Director

Mr. Palley has offered his expertise in financial matters to the organization by agreeing to serve as their Treasurer. He is responsible for the collection, depositing and disposition of all monies, and the recording of such monies; this also includes the relationship with the bank and interaction and advise between the organization and the financial institution.

Biscayne Bank (Miami Dade County Grant)

Lizeth Quintero, Loan Operations Officer

In February 2014, Lizeth was contacted by a family who knew she worked in Loan Operations for a bank. More than 10 years earlier, as a low income first time homebuyer, the family had obtained a Miami Dade County grant to purchase the home. The grant required to be repaid if they no longer occupied the property. They eventually needed more space and, without reading the requirements of the grant, had recently converted the property an investment property. When informed by the county that they had to repay the grant, Lizeth interceded on their behalf to see if she could have the grant reinstated. Although she was unsuccessful in getting the grant reinstated, she was able to refer them to Biscayne Bank to refinance the first mortgage to raise sufficient monies to pay the grant back to the county.

Utopia Homeowners Security Association BOD member

Lucas A. Azar, Senior Vice President

Utopia was formed over 25 years ago and is a volunteer neighborhood organization made up of residents in the south Grove's oldest community. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the quality of life for its residents through security, social events, and overall upkeep of the neighborhood. The Board of Directors meets monthly and whenever necessary. Lucas' role on the BOD is an Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Grove 2030

Lucas A. Azar, Senior Vice President

Grove 2030 is a strategic visioning workshop that involves bringing together the local community in order to reach a consensus on a shared vision for the future of Coconut Grove. To move the vision forward we have created five Grove 2030 Working Groups. Each is working to address a different focus area: Housing; Commercial/Retail ; Transportation; Parks & Public Space; and Civic & Cultural Life. Lucas Azar was involved in the original strategic visioning workshop and his role with the Working groups is as co-Chairman of the Commercial/Retail Group. He has been and will continue to be assisting the group in the guidance of this area and vision.

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